These Programs Offer Significant Veterans Discounts On Home Improvements

Are you retired military or an honorably discharged veteran?
You may be eligible for significant discounts at certain home improvement
stores. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have year-round discount programs for
certain veterans. Initially, both programs required a valid military ID card.
Lowe’s recently announced that they would also offer their discount program to
any veteran who registers through their website. The discounts are 10% off
almost everything. Installation and delivery services are not part of the
discount program.

The Home Depot Veteran Discount program offers a ten percent
discount with a maximum of $500 per trip. This discount is available to all
disabled veterans, retired, active duty and reserve members and their family
members. A valid military ID is required. Home Depot also offers the ten
percent discount to any veteran on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and the 4th of
July. There are a number of discounted programs available in each state around the country for military.  You can find discounts for a number of home improvement projects like replacing your roof,  kitchen and bath remodeling,  appliance repair, plumbing projects including repair and installation, and much, much more.

Lowe’s most recent policy is to offer their ten percent
discount to all honorably charged veterans and their immediate family members.
The discount is offered all year long and applies to online and in-store items.

Interested veterans must enroll online. They will receive a
free MyLowes card which is not a debit or credit card. Veterans holding this
card are entitled to free shipping on all parcels.

These are great programs, especially if you are a disabled
veteran who is modifying your home for your disability and using the VA Home
Modification Grants.

Even with only 10 percent, you can save a lot of money on
building supplies and adaptive cabinetry, doorknobs, entryways, doors, and
lighting. All of these may be purchased using monies granted through their Home
Modification Program.

The VA has three grant programs which are designed to help
disabled veterans modify their homes to meet the needs of the individual’s
disability. Each program has certain requirements, but the monies are a grant
and do not need to be repaid.

The Specially Adapted Housing Grant provides monies for the
disabled veteran to create a barrier-free home and allows them to live
independently. These modifications may include building a wheelchair ramp,
installing cabinets that allow a wheelchair to roll up under the sink, and
widening doorways. Under this grant, veterans can receive up to $63,780. There
are certain criteria which must be met to qualify for this grant. To see
eligibility criteria, visit the VA website.

The VA Special Home Adaptation Grant is provided to help
veterans who may be staying somewhere temporarily and need to do modifications
to the existing home. Veterans must have a service connected disability and be
living in a home owned by a family member. Under this grant program, a veteran
may receive up to $12,756 This program also has specific eligibility criteria
which are posted on the VA website.

The Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant
provides assistance to disabled veterans to make any home modification
necessary to continuing treatment at their home. The monies can also be used to
pay for creating disability access to their home and for installing or
modifying sanitary and lavatory facilities. The veteran must first have a
medical determination that indicated these structural alterations and
modifications are appropriate and necessary to treat their disability. Under
this grant program, a veteran may receive up to $4,100. It is possible for a
veteran to be approved for more than one of these grants.

In addition to the VA Home Modification Programs, the Home
Depot Foundation also offers grants to help with home modifications for
disabled veterans. The grants are available through the American Legion and are
provided to the local American Legion posts which then use the monies to help
make home repairs and modifications for disabled veterans. These funds may be
used to weatherize windows, widen doorways and entryways, patching your roof, replace ceiling fans,
renting a dumpster for cleanup, improve lighting, replace flooring, paint both inside and out, insulate attics,
and install new ceilings.

Home Depot also offers Team Depot Grants which are used to
fund volunteer projects performed by Team Depot, Home Depot’s volunteer
organization. These volunteers work with local American Legion volunteers to
work on various projects for local veterans and their family members.

The veterans discounts on home improvements offered by
Lowe’s and Home Depot are available to almost all veterans. Simply check their
criteria on the company website to see if you are eligible.

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